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Holistic Terminology

The world of holistic health can be overwhelming, after all, it encompasses mind, body, and soul wellness. 

These are common words found within the holistic community. Each page offers you a brief summary and understanding of what is considered widely known about the subject. There are resources listed that enable you to continue your research if you so desire. 

The purpose of this tool is to educate and promote clarity on terms that often get confused or misrepresented.

Herbal Medicine

All drugs are based on plant chemistry, whether over the counter or through a prescription from a medical doctor. Scientists synthetically copy the chemical makeup of medicinal plants to create drugs.

Since these drugs have to be invented, tested, manufactured, and distributed, they cost significantly more than plants.

Drugs can have harmful side effects and only address the symptoms of an underlying disease or infection. Plants have relatively no side effects and can treat the underlying cause of the disease or infection.

Plants are this Earth’s original medicine, and we have forgotten this knowledge. Society is dependent on drugs that keep symptoms at bay but do not heal their bodies. Costs of medication are continually rising. Plants are the solution to these problems.

The purpose of this tool is to raise awareness about the powerful medicinal properties of plants and how to incorporate them into your life.

Specific Treatments