Channeling: to serve as a medium for (a) spirit

Medium: a person who mediates communication between (a) spirit and living human beings

Common Questions

How does a person channel? 

Channeling occurs when a person quiets their mind and allows themselves to become an empty vessel that spirit can communicate through. When a person is channeling, the words that are spoken through them are not their own, but a non-physical entity’s. 

A person quiets their mind when they meditate. When there are no thoughts or attachment to anything, there is stillness. It is within this stillness that a person can open themselves for a spirit to come through. 

Channeling can be done through the non-physical entity speaking directly through a person and automatic writing. Most well-known channelers today have an entity speak through them. Automatic writing is a common way to begin channeling.

What is automatic writing? 

Automatic writing is when you quiet the conscious mind (normally through meditation) and allowing your unconscious mind to write, this allows for (a) spirit to give guidance or answer a posed question. 

Standard Protocol

  1. Quiet the mind and relax the body through meditation.
  2. Ask a question.
  3. Wait with a pen to paper or fingers to keyboard until you hear or feel a response, and begin writing. 

What is the difference between a channeler and a psychic? 

A channeler serves as a medium for (a) spirit to communicate through. The person is not the one communicating or giving information. 

A psychic is a person who uses their own abilities, specifically an extra-sensory perception (ESP) to acquire information and knowledge. 

There are four main types of psychics: 

  1. Clairvoyance: an extra-sensory perception (ESP), that enables them to tune into the energy of people or objects and see things visually. Example: Remote viewing 
  2. Clairaudience: an extra-sensory perception (ESP), that enables them to tune into the energy of people or objects and hear things. Example: Long Island Medium
  3. Clairsentience: an extra-sensory perception (ESP), that enables them to tune into the energy of people or objects and feel the emotions or energy of the people or things Example: Empath 
  4. Claircognizance: an extra-sensory perception (ESP), that enables them to tune into the energy of people or objects and simply know information. Example: Nikola Tesla 


Our connection to something bigger than ourselves has always been held together with channelers.

  • Ancient Greece:  Oracles were seen as the mouthpiece of the gods. Oracles lived in temples where they were consulted on matters of the future.
  • The Torah, Bible, and the Koran are all described as holy books that were written by God through man, the exact definition of automatic writing. 

All three texts are full of prophecies, commands, and instructions from an entity outside the person who is literally writing.  

  • Prophets were considered the medium between God and man. Their words were considered channeled information. 
  • In Christianity, speaking in tongues is discussed numerous times in the New Testament of the Bible and famously occurred on the day of Pentecost. Speaking in tongues is when the Holy Spirit communicates through a person. 


A fantastic resource to learn how to channel your higher self/intuition is Jess Lively. Her podcast, TV episodes through YouTube, and website are all excellent options. 

Recommended Channelers

To explore channeled videos and books,

YouTube & your local library are both

excellent resources that are free!

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